Mom and I Tour Austria, Czech Republic, and Hungary
May 22, 2006 - May 31, 2006

Mom (Cheryl Rae Bart, L) and I (Gwen Barnes, R) in Prague, Czech Republic. Photo kindly taken by Moon Sup Lee.

Day 1: Vienna to Salzburg (Austria)
Day 2: Salzburg, Austria
Day 3: Salzburg, Austria to Prague, Czech Republic
Day 4: Prague, Czech Republic
Day 5: Prague, Czech Republic
Day 6: Prague to Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic)
Day 7: Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic to Budapest, Hungary
Day 8: Budapest, Hungary, to Vienna, Austria
Day 9: Vienna, Austria

Concerts Austria website for our trip.

Some of the same info repeated locally, for when they get rid of their site: